Started in January 2008, adjie arjanggi (management) - yohannes runtuwene (designer) - slamet triono (production) decided to make a small design studio called IDC | Ide Desain Cetak that provided one stop solution for Idea, Design and Printing Material for our relatives who works on some company that become our client. After several task, assigment and satisfaction from our recent clients, takes us further to make it bigger.

In 2009, adjie arjanggi took the lead, make a further step for IDC and decided to build a SOHO company named | ainc. In 2010 ainc became a subsidiary company of PT. Widika Indah Putra. Not only provided design and printing material but also a wide range of services that our client needed.

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The Work Studio Located in Taman Sari Persada Cluster Rose D6/8 Bogor - West Java - Indonesia, phone: +62251 3040 120 , +62251 8346 549, +628211 4747 898, email: /

And now with proud and tagline "integrated business support", ainc will provide the integrated support for your activities, business and your company. start from a scratch, a simple idea then bring it into reality. together (you and ainc) we pursue our target and become the lead in our expertise.

Your satisfaction is our highest achievements|ainc is a subsidiary company of PT. Widika Indah Putra 

PT. Widika Indah Putra
Notaris: R. Wedyo Nugroho, SH.
Akte No. -03.-
NPWP 02.824.795.5.604.000
SIUP No. 503/3749A/436.5.9/2008
PKP No. PEM-00423/WPJ.11/KP.0103/2013